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Always friendly and knowledgeable about everything Miata!

Reviewed by J.M. Fairfax, VA on January 26, 2013

Christian goes above and beyond in integrity and service. He makes sure you get what you need, even if he isn't going to be the service provider/won't get the work.

Reviewed by Alan Weakley on December 15, 2012

Keep up with the good work, and thanks to your staff. CPT Martinez.

Reviewed by Carlos Martinez on December 03, 2012

1992 Miata Timing Belt service: Work performed as described and as promised. Still get occasional belt squealing and I'll be dropping by to get it checked out. Great service!

Reviewed by Jose Quinones on November 24, 2012

Patrick has always been prompt, accurate and accomodating - I'll be back.

Reviewed by Norm Sweet on November 16, 2012

PBC keeps my car running like new. I just completed my "winter' return to Florida, 1100 miles, the car worked flawlessly after the PBC check-up and service.

Reviewed by Paul Sletten on October 27, 2012

The work done was fast, but more importantly delivered as promised at a reasonable price.

Reviewed by Anonymous on October 22, 2012

I have not really dealt with the new owners but would definitely be more than willing to revise this once I have more interactions with them. I come over 30 miles to this shop because previously I have been extremely happy with the work the former owners.

Reviewed by Anonymous on October 14, 2012

Did the work, answered my questions. Always a good resource. Thanks fellas.

Reviewed by Lansing F. on October 10 2012

The guys at PBC are fantastic! They are honest, reliable, and always able to fix my car when I need them to - even if it's last minute.

Reviewed by Jenny P. on October 07, 2012

Patrick is the man! Happy customer for 13 years.

Reviewed by Gerry B. on October 06, 2012

Great people make a great shop!

Reviewed by Jerry L. on October 06, 2012

Great transaction. Quick delivery and just as good of installation service from the local installer. I would recommend Tirerack to anyone I know.

Reviewed by Mike L. on October 06, 2012

Their service is excellent, they have good prices, they are friendly. I'll recommend to my friends and people that I know. Thank you PBC Automotive.

Reviewed by V.F. on October 05, 2012

Christian Fiorilo and his team at PBC Automotive have been able to handle any problem I've brought to them in a very timely fashion and to my satisfaction. They are my automotive shop for life!

Reviewed by R.L. on October 05, 2012

I appreciate that you went the extra mile with our cars - the cleaning up and detailing of the engine bay in our 90 Miata is much appreciated. We'll be back.

Reviewed by Jack M. on October 05, 2012

Prompt and professional service.

Reviewed by Anonymous on October 05, 2012

I traded my 97 "classic" Miata for a 2006, Limited Edition in June, so I have not been out your way yet. Is Joey still with you?

Reviewed by Richard H. on October 05, 2012

PBC did an awesome job on my window tints. they took their time to make sure the tints came out perfect. this is the best tint job i have gotten done on my vehicles. i wouldnt hesitate on returning to PBC if i need anything done to my car.

Reviewed by Joaquin T. on April 20, 2012

When I first moved to NOVA around 5 years ago I had a lot of trouble finding an honest mechanic. I would take my car for an oil change and the mechanic would include a laundry list of other items that should be fixed but I knew were fine. It was refreshing when I went to PBC and never had to deal with these type of issues. Whenever there's an issue with my car they provide the details of what's wrong and their suggestions. I've never felt pressure to have something repaired that wasn't absolutely necessary.

Most recently, after putting it off for a while, I had a faulty oxygen sensor replaced for my upcoming emissions. I set-up the appointment ahead of time and it only took about an hour as I waited. Everything is running great and my check engine light is finally off. I highly recommend going to PBC for any car related issues.

Reviewed by Joshua M. on January 26, 2012

I have been to the shop a few times over the years. The shop was recently sold to a new owner, but the same mechanics, Joey, is still there. I like the shop because Joey is a very good mechanic and the shop is honest. They have a very good reputation for miata repairs.

Reviewed by Eric C. on January 25, 2012

Had my car detailed there, they did a great job!!! Totally worth the wait and the price was great. Christian helped me out and was extremely helpful! I'll absolutely be going back and will be getting my windows tinted there too!

Reviewed by Bryan G. on January 03, 2012

My car broke down in front of PBC Automotive around 3pm on November 8th. Even though their garage looked full, they put a high priority on my vehicle. It took them less than an hour to diagnose the problem, order the part and replace it. A+++ service highly recommended *****

Reviewed by Doug

I recently had PBC do a significant amount of work to my car, and am writing this review after having my car back for two weeks. First off, I have a 1991 Mazda Miata and prior to being towed to PBC it had been sitting in my parking lot for about 9 months. Secondly, PBC performed a substantial amount of work on the car, ranging from replacing the entire valve assembly to brake rebuilds.

The entire crew is extremely friendly, and kept me updated throughout the entire process. I even spoke with the Miata mechanic a couple times, and can tell he lives and breathes Miatas. They diagnosed issues, and developed multiple solutions to save me money yet ensure a proper repair was performed. I was impressed with how they handled this extensive rebuild (the quote emailed to me was even divided up into different categories), and updated me on the progress. Two weeks after picking up the car, I have to say I'm thoroughly impressed with the final result. My car runs better than I have ever experienced (I've owned it five years), and I measured my fuel economy at about 27 mpg (mix of city/highway). The car idles great, and there's practically no lifter noise. I highly recommend PBC Automotive, especially if you own a Miata. They provide a professional service, and are honest and reasonable. I will be returning to them to replace the soft top.

Reviewed by Adam O.

“Picked up my car from the shop and learned that there were 3 different ways my engine could have blown up. The word “lucky” was used many times…hahaha pheww!! Thank you PBC Automotive for being awesome and affordable!!!”

Reviewed by Heidi N.

I've been bringing my Miata to PBC for a couple of years now and the service and integrity is top notch. If you love your Miata, bring it here. They have one of the best Miata mechanics in the business, and will take care of your car like no dealership ever would. I always feel like they care about me and my car, not just about taking my money. They're not just a Miata shop either. They also did an outstanding job replacing the timing belt and water pump and doing an alignment on my 4WD Toyota Tacoma.

Reviewed by Steve J.

On several other occasions I have brought cars in to have them looked at, and talked to them [PBC Automotive team] for advice. I have been impressed that the advice I have gotten has always seemed objective and sound, as opposed to other shops whose recommendations always seem to involve my parting with the most money, and often fail my "gut check".

Reviewed by Peter F.

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